3D Machine Control Data Request

3D Machine Control Data Request Checklist for SITE or SUBDIVISION

Please review the requirements below before submitting your information.

Required for Quotes

  1. Full name of Client Company, and address, the contact person’s name and phone number (preferably their cell and business phone).
  2. The complete set of latest construction plans in PDF format if possible. This may be more than one set. The sheets with profiles, details, etc. will be needed to complete the project. Just the grading sheets are never enough.
  3. A complete set of latest CAD files from the engineer of record will be needed. Usually these are available; sometimes a document may need to be signed releasing the engineer from liability on the CAD files.
    • Surfaces- Existing and any proposed if available
    • Proposed line work includes all proposed line work representing in the plans:
      • All edges of concrete / asphalt (pavement, sidewalk, curb and gutter, parking lots)
      • All centerlines (alignments, station text and station tick marks)
      • All Contours (Existing and Proposed)
      • All Spot Text (proposed callouts – normally located on grading plan and intersection detail sheets)
      • All drainage (storm pipes, structures, culvert pipes and boxes)
      • All proposed Utility (Sanitary pipes and structures, water lines, hydrants and valves)
      • All erosion control (proposed elements represented in the Erosion Control Sheets)
      • Road project (if applicable) – working cross section and sheet files)

Required to Create the Model and Rover Files

  • Project survey control points for site calibration. This should be a minimum of 5 points that encompass the site with northing, easting and elevation. These will be added to the SCS900 rover file. This will facilitate an easier site calibration; however, this can be done in the field as a last resort.
  • Survey control file in text file
  • P#, N, E, Z, Descriptor - .csv or .txt format
  • For a subdivision, it is important to the have road plan and profiles (again all of the plans), because using the P&P and template is the best way of creating roadway model. Using the contours does not create a true model of the road in most cases.


  • Machine Files - Folder containing SVD and SVL for the GCS900 and/or .DSZ files for Earthworks
  • Rover Files – Folder containing the Site, Designs and Work Orders for the SCS900 and/or Siteworks
    • Utilities – Storm, Sanitary, and Water are included as 2D linework if included in the CAD files
    • Road Work-.PRO files
    • StandardSite-.TTM and .DXF